Simply because there is no place like it.

5 Casas, each one with the same design and elegant comfort, and all of them surrounding the main lodge. The house names reveal more about our essence: Montaña, Estepa, Bosque, Río and Familia. Each one features four private suites with bow windows and the chance to connect with the inherent power of nature through a breathtaking view.

The backyard? Parque Nacional Los Glaciares

Thousands of hectares of wilderness. Set in a glacial valley, the lodge is protected by the winds, lakes, mountains, and astonishing views that remain fully present through panoramic windows.

Sail on Lago Argentino into the mists of Parque Nacional Los Glaciares, a lost land found but not yet tamed.


A place where you can catch a glimpse of the untamed, or dare to stay and explore. Book a day visit or a stay at the Lodge.


Come get to know the Southern lifestyle.

And join the wild souls who first walked this untamed land.

“After being subdued, for years, by the mysterious fascination for Tierra del Fuego, I found in Patagonia other glaciers, other mountains even higher and more grand.”

says Father Alberto De Agostini, one of the first souls wild enough to enter into the unknown.

Be one of those, like the Svarka brothers, and step on the Upsala Lookout and feel embraced by the power of the glacier, while taking part in the Discovery expedition.

You can get to know this place and its heritage in many ways — on horseback, on foot, traveling by 4×4, or out to fish.
Set foot on Río Caterina’s riverside and let the southern wind unveil your wild soul.

Years passed as fast as the wind blows here, but the heritage has remained.  Visit our museum and find those forgotten treasures that, with just a glimpse, can whisk you back to those harsh first days on this land.

Estancia Cristina’s territory covers thousands of hectares. The Wild Beyond, with glaciers, mountains, lakes, rivers, shelters, trails, canyons and valleys.

Where Wild Souls Stay.