Rate: USD180


Horseback Riding Full Day

An enchanted valley full of history

Horse Riding Full Day

Live a full day of horseback riding
at Estancia Cristina.

Rate: USD180




Having set sail from Punta Bandera harbor at 9AM, we will glide over the waters of Lake Argentino’s Northern Arm to reach the furthest possible point of navigation in the Upsala Channel, where we can enjoy an incredible panoramic view of the Upsala Glacier’s front. Then, having disembarked at the shores close to Estancia Cristina, an expert guide will welcome visitors and take them on an amazing ride. Expect a delightful mix of mountain views, time spent by the lake and birdwatching opportunities on this gentle horseback ride to Cristina Valley, making for an easy but rewarding excursion.

After leaving the Estancia behind, we ride in a northerly direction, heading deeper into nature, cross the Caterina River and pass The Noria: a replica of the original water-powered wheel that was built here in 1945, poplar trees and the house itself. This is a good spot to appreciate the specific type of flora that’s typical of the Patagonian steppe. Make your way on horseback along pathways covered with loose stone and moss, leading you eventually to an elevated lookout point that bestows sweeping views of the valley. With luck on our side, we may be able to glimpse various species of bird such as the Common and Royal Goose, Black Necked Swan, Coscoroba Swan and Spectacled Duck, among many others. Take your time to absorb this picturesque setting.

Near Pearson Lake, we will have time for lunch (Lunch can be booked in advance or you can take your own lunch box from Calafate). Then, when you are finally ready to head home, go back along the same route towards the starting point, the perfect time to take it all in. Later on, we will visit the Costumbrista Museum, where we can learn all about the history of the Masters family: their lives, adventures and how they became pioneers in Patagonia. At 5pm we will head toward the shore, take the boat and return to El Calafate.

NOTE: The exact logistics of activities involved in this excursion shall be defined by Estancia Cristina.



• Minimum age 6 years (Children from 6 to 12 years old accompanied by an adult)
• Maximum age 85 years.
• Does not require previous experience in Horse Riding.
• To reserve this activity it is necessary to have height / weight information of the passenger in the case that requires some special treatment.


Lunch (optional):


Cold cuts & cheese

Meat sandwich with onion & pepper


Glass of wine & water.

Vegetarian/Celiac options are also available.


Transfer to Punta Banderas Port:


The excursion begins at Punta Banderas Port, located 47kms from the city of Calafate. Estancia Cristina offers a regular transfer service to the Port from Calafate – departing from city hotels from 7:30am. with an additional cost of  US$30 per person,  otherwise guests can organize their own transfers (maximum show-up time at the port 8:45am).

Additional Charge: : as required by National Parks Services regulations, the cost of the Entrance Fee to the “Los Glaciares” National Park will be automatically added to the ticket value of the activity.

¡Live this unique experience!
Horse Riding Full Day