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Estancia Cristina. Los Glaciares National Park.

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Since 1914

Estancia Cristina was founded in 1914, against all odds such as distance, wind and lack of communication. However, these elements left an incredible story, deep in Patagonia, to be discovered.  A voyage of discovery for those who seek to explore, to be part of a place and who understand you never return as the same person who set out on the journey in the first place

Founded by Joseph Percival Master and his wife Jessie, the Estancia still retains it’s original essence: keeping alive the spirit of this pioneering family who, through enormous effort and perserverance, turned this inhospitable and lonely place into a little paradise.

Estancia Cristina today

Navigate Lago Argentino

After more than 100 years, access to the Estancia is still done exclusively by boat, navigating the turquoise waters of the North branch of Lake Argentino and finally up the Cristina channel, to disembark in this valley, pure and wild as it was when first discovered.

The Estancia is located in the heart of Los Glaciares National Park and provides visitors two options for exploring it’s magic; staying overnight at the Estancia to fully immersse via an all inclusive program, or for those short on time and staying in El Calafate, it is possible to visit Estancia Cristina just for the day where four excusion options can be chosen from, depending on the activity level and preferences of the guest.

No matter how you choose to arrive in this valley, you will feel a part of it and a part of it’s history, and of Patagonia.

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Navigate Lago Argentino

The visit to Estancia Cristina begins by navigating the North Arm of the Argentino Lake, enjoying a unique and magical landscape where the Icebergs and the mountains are protagonists. Our boat is the only way to access the valley.

Making our visitors protagonists at every moment, transforms the experience into unique and unrepeatable.

The National Park is located in a setting of mountains, lakes and forests. Due to its imposing natural beauty, it constitutes a unique wonder in the world, and was declared “World Heritage” by UNESCO in 1981 for having the great Patagonian Ice Field there; that is, the largest ice sheet in the world after Antarctica.

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Be our guest….

A lodge unlike any other on earth, hidden in a remote valley guarded over by mountains, lakes and the majestic Upsala glacier.

Travelling, exploring and discovering are what intimatley connects us with nature and make us part of a new chapter in the history of Estancia Cristina.


All included activities take place on the Estancia’s grounds and surroundings. The Estancia offers short self-guided walking or mountain biking circuits, and also longer tours where bilingual guides will accompany guests on treks, horseback rides, and four-wheel drive (FWD) or fishing expeditions.







Full Day Programs

October 1 through April 30

The Upsala Glacier, located only a few kilometers from Estancia Cristina, is one of the most stunning glaciers in “Los Glaciares” National Park. To visit Estancia Cristina by sailing Lake Argentino flanked by dramatic icebergs and picturesque mountains is to seamlessly combine nature, adventure, history and pleasure. The full-day programs available offer alternatives for those who prefer a quiet afternoon of walking and history, as well as for those who seek out untouched nature and adventure.

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What our visitors say

Muy Bueno. Fue una experiencia muy positiva!!! superó mis expectativas sobre el lugar. Estamos además muy conformes con mi marido por la cordial atención desde la venta de las excursiones como del personal que nos acompañó durante la excursión. Además muy bello lugar !!!!

vivianalealniz | TripAdvisorPico Truncado, Argentina

Día estupendo. Día estupendo de principio a fin. Organización perfecta. Permite ver varias cosas de Patagonia : el lago argentino, el glaciar Upsala y los paises increibles ! Merece la pena esta excursión !

romainhec | TripAdvisorParís, Francia

EXCELENTE PASEO AL UPSALA Y A LA HISTORIA DE LA PATAGONIA. Excelente excursión por el lago de los hielos y una vision esplendida del glaciar upsala, ademas de conocer la historia de los valientes pioneros que poblaron la inhóspita patagonia, vale la pena

48arnoldo | TripAdvisorBuenos Aires, Argentina

Espectacular la excursion en 4x4. Las vistas del glaciar Upsala son espectaculares . Merece la pena.

Toni G | TripAdvisorBarcelona, España

Lake, glaciers, icebergs, old farm and trekking.
Great full day excursion from El Calafate by bus, boat, 4X4 and (easy) trekking. One of the most spectacular sightseeing in Latin America, especially if the weather is nice.

michka2017 | TripAdvisorLarchmont, Estado de Nueva York

I want to return!!!
It was an interestisg experience, well organized with competence and taste for wild adventure inside wonderful landascape!
I hope i will see you soon!

disadattato | TripadvisorAlbissola Marina, Italia


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