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Estancia Cristina provides an unbeatable setting for sport fishing, to be enjoyed against a dramatic backdrop of hanging glaciers and snowcapped mountains with condors soaring above. The fishing lover who chooses the Estancia will be able to share this passion with his or her family given the array of activities offered.

Fishing is available from November to April and requires a prior reservation due to the limited carrying capacity of authorized fishing areas.

Our staff will be happy to advise guests on authorized and recommended fishing spots, and, if necessary, provide transfers. However, Estancia Cristina does not have specialized fishing guides, so those guests who do not have prior knowledge should consider hiring specialized professionals.

The required fishing permit may be purchased at the Estancia, or at the National Parks Service offices in the city of El Calafate.

Estancia Cristina has two authorized spots for sport fishing:

Caterina River

This river was given its name by the expeditioner Hesketch Prichard in honor of his mother in 1900. Prichard was one of the first explorers to reach the North Arm of Lake Argentino and the Upsala Glacier, until finally arriving at the Caterina River Valley. The portion of the Caterina River located within the limits of the Estancia runs southwards for 8 kms between its source Lake Anita (or Pearson) to its mouth on Lake Argentino. Caterina River has a moderate flow and a gravel and rock river bottom. Under protected status by National Parks Services, it preserves its untouched feel and our staff strives for its protection and conservation.

Between January and March the river becomes a unique place for fishing Pacific Salmon or Chinook (oncorhynchus tshawytscha), a species which arrives every year to this part of the river to spawn and die, and Estancia Cristina is a privileged witness to this awe-inspiring natural phenomenon. The precise natural lookout point where these animals give their last fight to reproduce is “Piedra de la Ballena” (Whale Rock), a whale-shaped rock formation which has as its backdrop the spectacular North Peak (Cerro Norte). In addition to its sporting appeal, Rio Caterina invites us to its shores with its rhythmic sounds and unequaled views.

Since the best time for fishing is in the early morning, we suggest an early breakfast in the Octogon to then head to the desired fishing spot. Guests can return to the Octogon for lunch service or take a hearty packed lunch and snacks for the rest of the day. Once back at the Estancia, they can come in for much deserved refreshments.

Fishing Lagoon

This lagoon was originally used as a recreation area by the Masters family and their hired hands, and is located only 3 km north of the Estancia. It can be accessed on foot on a circuit that is rich with diverse bird species as well as vegetation typical of the Patagonian steppe.

On this trail, guests leave behind the main house of the Estancia and are submerged in a natural setting that can be enjoyed equally by those who come to fish as well as those who come along to observe. The main fish species here is rainbow trout. For those interested in this fishing spot, we suggest taking a full day and combining it with trekking. The Estancia can provide snack services until they return to the Estancia for refreshments.


IMPORTANT: Only Fly Fishing or Spinning equipment (1 hook without burr) is permitted. Although relevant fishing regulations do not require catch-and-release for all species, the Estancia’s policy is catch-and-release for all fish.