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  • Horseback ridding Viewpoint Rio de los Perros
    Duration: 2 hs. (Departure and Return)
    Drop: Mild
    Level of demand: Minimum experience

    Short Ride on the east bank of the Valley of Estancia Cristina, where you can appreciate the flora and fauna of National Park Los Glaciares.
    La Cascada de los Perros, es un sencillo pero bello salto de agua de deshielo glaciar de donde se podrá observar el lago Anita, Glaciares Colgantes, el Valle y Casco de Estancia Cristina.

  • Horseback Riding Laguna de la Pesca
    Duration: 2 ½ hs. (Departure and return))
    Drop: mild
    Level of demand: Minimum experience.

    Horseback riding through the valley to the north, enjoying the flora and fauna.
    Access to the Laguna de la Pesca wading streams and rivers.
    Ideal to rest and contemplate nature and native birds.

  • Horseback Ridig View Point Cristina
    Duration: 5/7 hs (Departure and return)
    Level of demand: Medium..
    Note: maximum availability 12 passengers per day.

    Horseback trip touring to the Valley of Caterina River and up through the western slope of Cerro Meson the post of Los Perros.
    Panoramic views of the surrounding hills, the Southern Ice and Upsala Glacier.
    This activity takes place in an area of loose rock, with ascends and descendents with steep slopes, passing through forests where there are lots of loose branches and rider must overcome obstacles. It is not dangerous, but requires experience, but requires control of the animal and body.
    To avoid accidents and for the safety of visitors, the manager of Estancia Cristina or designee, will determine whether passengers who have chosen this activity can actually participate in it.
    Activity and return schedules are estimates, they are subject to weather conditions and contingencies that may arise.
Estancia Cristina
Estancia Cristina

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