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Upsala Glacier+ Ea. Cristina + 4X4 Upsala Viewpoint + Trekking Cañadón de los Fósiles.

Duration: 5.30 hs (Departure and Retrun).
Drop: 550 m.a.s.l
Level of demand: Medium-High.
We recommend good physical conditions.

  • For wheel drive crossing 4x4 of 9.5 km. through mountainous roads.
  • Tour through a landscape that until recently was covered by glaciers and has a great geological interest.
  • View of Lake Guillermo and of the stunning oriental front of Upsala Glacier, Southern patagonian ice and hills Murallón and Don Bosco.
  • Descents through the Cañadón de los Fósilesarea where we can find fosiles, remains of the last marine ingression which has been ucovered by glacial action.Valley of unique characterisitics.
  • This activity can not be performed by children under 12 years; must be accompanied by their parents.
  • It is very important to bring the appropriate gear for this kind of trek: comfortable clothes for walking, hiking shoes or rubber soled shoes and sun protection.

Note: The manager of Estancia Cristina or designee will determine whether passengers who have chosen this activity can actually participate in it.

Trekking Glaciar

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